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Reasons for Property Fractionalization

Property Prices are Going Up & Harder to Afford

In the last 30 years, property prices in Singapore have grown many folds. During these period, buyers have grown their networth by many folds. The prices in matured cities are high for the millennial and the next generation. It is painful that many young people would find it difficult to afford properties.

Income Levels are Stagnant

In the last 30 years, income levels are stagnant. Graduates remuneration 30 years back grows very little. The growth of income is way slower than the inflation of the properties. This phenomenon is observed in mature cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Technological Disruption in Real Estate

Technology allows the formation of affiliate networks. Rather than income / fee being earned by conventional and traditional companies, the fee income can be earned by an affiliate networks. Any individual ambitious enough can benefit from the fast growth empowered by social media and a blockchain empowered referral marketing network.

Participate in High Growth / Value Properties

Southeast Asia is growing very fast and access into the market is blocked by the market opaqueness. Southeast Asia real estate is growing faster compared to other regions like Europe or America. (T&C applies : this part of the business is in the process of legal compliance checks)

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