Update : Now Everyone Can Use Blockchain

Until now in 2019, there has yet to be a blockchain solution that is widely used by normal non technical users. Typically it still requires the users to have knowledge of hot and cold wallets and millions are lost when passwords / passphrases are forgotten.

There is a big gigantic step between non technical users and Blockchain in general. Non technical users generally do not want to deal with too many steps to start to use Blockchain, so it is hard for them.

While the Blockchain experts often tout the decentralized freedom of Blockchain, it would not make much sense to non technical users if they do not understand or do not use it.

Katalyst was designed to be used by everyone. We gather that everyone would already have either a Google, Facebook or Twitter account. It would be the easiest for everyone to connect to the Blockchain via their social media accounts.

After the users (technical and including non technical users) are on the system, they may then benefit from the rewards that are distributed by different blockchain systems or different merchants leveraging on blockchain. The rewards would be easily managed via online systems / mobile app (to be developed) and they can receive their financial rewards directly to their bank accounts.

Figure : Ho Chi Minh City

Our first use case that we are going to concentrate heavily is the real estate property area. We are going to use our easy 1 click solution to allow you to;

1) To be a part of the Katalyst Blockchain Community.

2) To benefit from the number of southeast asian real estate that you may be interested to view more.

3) To go through compliance procedures should you ever want to be a part of the real estate deal.

4) To introduce others to the real estate that are on this website.

To be a part of this blockchain community do just try out how easy it is to be a part of us. Just click on the relevant button to register and login.

Your introducer is KatalystDEX.

Technical Disclaimer (specifically for technical users, non technical users may read it too)

Owing to the fact that this website (https://pol.katalyst.exchange) accepts social media login, there would be questions about the centralization / decentralization about Katalyst. So I shall list out the implicit questions that generally technical users would have;

1) Is https://pol.katalyst.exchange a centralized platform?

Answer  : A resounding yes. Let me explain why I designed the system to be centralized.

The blockchain community has been enrolling people to accept the value of decentralization of blockchain. That you do not need centralized permission to get anything done.

What has the recent years taught us? Many people lost millions because they do not remember their passwords / passphrases. Millions are lost also because of discarded hardisks. Recently 190million of cryptoassets was lost because the founder of a canadian exchange had passed away and he was the only person with the password.

While decentralization has its benefits, we feel that the world is not ready for a totally decentralized blockchain system, so https://pol.katalyst.exchange is a good balance.

2) Is there then any part of https://pol.katalyst.exchange that is decentralized?

Answer  : Yes of course, the balance in the centralized system can be transferred to a totally decentralized system for those who are more savvy with the technology. Our decentralized exchange is available at https://katalyst.exchange.

The gateway to transfer balances from the centralized systems is in the process of being done.