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Venue : 1 North Bridge Road, #07-05 Singapore 179094
Date & Time : 7 March 2019, Thursday, 7 p.m – 9 p.m

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About KK Goh And His Message

In the year of 2002, I had spent nearly all my savings for medical treatment of my son, and I was left with only S$327. All my years of savings had almost been wiped out…..

I was put into a do or die situation. I say to myself, “I, KK Goh, would get rich…..or die trying”.

As I reached out to find out more about making money, I found one thing common among all those who were financially successful.

MOST of them invested in real estate.

I had to be fast, I had to learn really really fast so that my family could be taken care of. I had to learn the fastest formula to identify the suitable properties and to buy them.

Lo and behold, within a few months, I made a few hundreds of thousands.

I have been repeating his formula like clockwork ever since, and every single freaking time, it delivers.

These are some of the properties that I personally own after years in real estate investment.

One of the units in the Tallest Condo in Southeast Asia, situated in Johor, Malaysia

So Why Teach YOU This SECRET Formula?

I could go on and on … but let’s talk about YOU.

Why am I giving YOU the chance to learn our million-dollar real estate secrets? What’s the catch?

Well, frankly – I’m sick and tired of seeing real estate “gurus” siphoning away the money of hardworking Singaporeans.

Many of these so-called real estate “gurus” – believe it or not – don’t make their money buying, selling or investing in real estate.

They profit by SELLING you their seminars.

As actual real-life real estate PRACTITIONER, I’ve met so many ordinary Singaporeans who have been hard-done by these sweet-talking types. Money wasted, hopes dashed.

I can’t stand it anymore – which is why I’m stepping out from behind the shadows and teaching our PROVEN real-estate secrets.

When you attend my workshop, I’ll pull back the curtains and reveal real estate “tricks of the trade” that will BLOW your mind.

In a short span of 90-minutes, you’ll learn about:

Singapore Property Market Outlook 

Buying properties with LITTLE or NO MONEY!

Selling your properties ABOVE market asking price

Safely purchasing your VERY FIRST property

Accumulating multiple properties to earn more than $10,000 passive income MONTHLY!

Owning a 6-star luxurious property – without spending a single cent!

… and so much more.

Let’s get something straight too:

I invest in REAL ESTATE for a living.

I do the REAL THING in REAL LIFE, so I am NOT teaching you theory.<