Property Affiliates

We would like to invite ambitious individuals (including property agents) to join us as Property Affiliates. Join the community to help introduce and educate the market about property fractionalization.

1) Property investment education – This can be done rather openly and profitably at this moment. There is huge commission to be earned from property education conducted by gurus. By being a part of it, you stand to earn thousands in a day or a week.

2) Fractional sale of property – This part is in the process of legal compliance checks and where applicable the necessary checks and application of licenses where applicable to ensure full compliance. As property sales is regulated by CEA, we are checking with our lawyers to get that cleared. Before that is clear, there would not be any fractional sale of property at all.

It is our personal belief that fractional sale of property carried out via Ordinary Shares under Companies Act, of a Company owning a property would fall out of the jurisdiction of CEA’s regulatory framework.

On top of CEA’s compliance checks, we would be confirming with Monetary Authority of Singapore via our lawyers, whether fractional sale of property carried out via Ordinary Shares under Companies Act would be compliant. Again, before this is confirmed, we would not be carrying out any fractional sale of any Company owning real estate property.

At this moment, the only business revenue available for Property Affiliates would be 1) Property investment Education. However, that is sufficient for hardworking affiliates to earn thousands per day or per week, depending on your resources and skill set.

For those who are interested, you may continue with your social media account and we would be making arrangement to meet you in person to introduce the idea to you and also to answer any questions that you may have.

As you are only doing sales for a property course, you do not need to possess a CEA license to be able to benefit from this.

Your introducer is KatalystDEX.