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Summary Introduction

We are at the Forefront of the Blockchain evolution 

There are two sides to the argument of Blockchain, the foundational technology in which Cryptoassets gravitise and thrive on.

The incumbents of the existing economy arm themselves with the argument that Cryptoassets are unregulated and not backed by any assets. The Blockchain crusaders, on the other hand, proclaim that the value of Cryptoassets is derived from their scarcity. Both sides are polarised. So who is right? They have failed to grasp the essence of the Blockchain evolution.

Regulation by itself has no effect on the regulated. The New York Stock Exchange was founded in 1792 when 24 stockbrokers signed the Buttonwood Agreement. In the 142 years before the Securities and Exchange Commission was established on 1934, there had been no authoritative gatekeepers. Yet companies and society flourished.

The value of Cryptoassets should not be based on their scarcity. Instead, it is to be pegged to an undeniable economic principle - reduction of transactional friction and as a catalyst to economic transactions. A ground breaking interpretation methodically revealed in Rise of the Small.

The Blockchain disruption provides a stage for underdogs to rise like never before. We can now stand on the intersection between finance, law and technology to ride the wave to immerse opportunities.

  • Recognise Cryptoassests as an economic catalyst.
  • Cut through the noise to find the real gems in Cryptoassets.
  • Embrace the Blockchain evolution through practical apporoach.
  • Revolutionise society and transform the world using Cryptoassets.

Foreword By Mr. Teng Theng Dar

Singapore’s Non Resident Ambassador To Oman
Advisor To Shizuoka And Miyagi Prefectures Of Japan
Ex-CEO, Singapore Business Federation

I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Raymond for writing this excellent piece of work on Blockchain and having it published with such excellent timing.

Blockchain is at its early take-off stage of evolution; it is still misunderstood by some, while others are probably confused about it from an economic perspective.

This book should therefore help you gain a better understanding of the power and benefits of Blockchain - specifically through an economic lens.It also explains how the adoption of Blockchain is expected to generate unlimited new business and economic use cases that can further enable innovations, drive new processes and raise productivity.

Blockchain can and will drastically alter work design by automating routine and repetitve tasks that new workforce will most likely not enjoy doing. Further, it will increase job satisfaction because the new real work requires domain knowledge and skill (mastering), creativity (new ideas) and problem solving ability (judgement); all activities that the new workforce will appreciate.

In short, Blockchain is the enabling engine to revolutionise the future of work, especially for the new workforce.

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Praise for Rise of the Small

Kouhei Kurihara

Co-founder of Collobogate

Decentralized data management processes will spread and result in a conceptual network in the next decade. This conceptual network can be broadly defined as a couple of sectors, societies, technologies and governances. We are going to witness new mechanisms and a transformation of traditional methodologies for freedom ourselves. This is an inheritance of essential utilization with our data distribution and is likely to displace the old way of doing things.

Mr Jamie Lee

Co-founder of Lunch Actually and Violet.AI

Raymond’s ability to simplify hard topics, combined with his in-depth knowledge of history, comes together and is made relevant to today’s biggest technological trends: Blockchain and decentralization. Highly recommended real for anyone eager to understand the fundamentals driving today’s mega-trends.

Mr Colin Goh

Director of Millet World Pte Ltd

Rise of the Small is a true maven. Raymond’s critical insights into market trends are absolutely spot-on. A mind that’s decades ahead of others finally one can savour what’s to come next.

Mr Samuel Seow

Managing Director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation

Rise of the Small provides the reader a holistic picture of the three main components of Blockchain – the law, finance and technology. Rather than dealing with the law as an afterthought during the design of Blockchain tokenomics, may be designed to avoid main pitfalls in legal compliance.

Mr Martin Lim

SVP Business Development of DBS Bank (Singapore)

This book gives a overview of the evolution of cash and commerce, then highlights the potential disruption from new technologies like Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Dr Grace Ling

Medical Doctor

A thought-provoking read that can expand your mind to see the possibilities of how Blockchain technology can revolutionalise the future.

About the Author

Raymond Ng

Raymond Ng is the First Singaporean Author to write a book on Blockchain. "Rise of the Small" is the first Singapore book that explains the Blockchain phenomena that affects everyone alike.

Upon graduation from the National University of Singapore with a Degree in Computer Science (Hons), Raymond Ng served as a chairman in the Singapore Linux Conference & Linux World Expo. As a result, he is familiar with the open source ideology - the same spirit that fuels the blockchain revolution today. 

He is now running KatalystCoin - the first Proof of Loyalty blockchain to record and reward all economic activities. The first problem that Raymond would tackle is real estate fractionalization.

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